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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Data and Statistical Reports - The Data FAQs define classifications and explain how one case may have multiple victims, multiple locations and multiple calls.

Themed Reports

Identification of Modern Slavery Victims by Health Professionals

This report provides an initial assessment of calls made by health professionals across the UK into the UK-wide Modern Slavery Helpline and Resource Centre, between 10 October 2016 and 31 March 2017.

The purpose of this report is to highlight the types of calls the Modern Slavery Helpline is receiving from health professionals and the types of situations health professionals are seeking help and advice on.

The enhanced Modern Slavery Helpline and Resource Centre is operated by Unseen and has been taking helpline calls since 10 October. Prior to October the modern slavery helpline was run by the NSPCC using the same free-phone number.

We are committed to increasing calls to the helpline to ensure that potential victims get the help and support they need and statutory agencies and businesses can access advice and information. We will do this by working closely with partners and stakeholders to increase communications and ensure the helpine is promoted effectively at all times.