If you think you are a victim of modern slavery/human trafficking contact the modern slavery helpline. We can help you to understand what is available including information, advice and ways to access government-funded support. The Modern Slavery Helpline is confidential, but, if you don't want to give your name, that is fine.

If you want to access Government-funded support as a potential victim of modern slavery/human trafficking you cannot remain anonymous as you must consent to providing your details. You cannot refer yourself for support. This must be done by a designated organisation or agency called a First Responder. First responders are made up of statutory agencies such as the police, local authorities, and the Gangmasters Licensing Authority. There are also a number of designated charities who are first responders.

If you don't want to give your name or personal details it will not affect the advice and guidance our trained helpline advisers can give you.

If you agree to help the police we will pass your details to them, including any information you give us about your situation. The police may speak to you about your experience and launch an investigation. The police can apply for a visa (for up to 12 months) for you, if you are helping them with their enquiries and they need you to remain in the UK.

The helpline will work with you to establish what help and support may be available. However, we cannot guarantee access to government-funded support or other support provided by statutory or non-statutory agencies.

Getting help

The Salvation Army is contracted by the UK Government to provide support to potential victims of modern slavery/human trafficking in England and Wales. If you are in Scotland support is provided through TARA and Migrant Help. In Northern Ireland support is provided by Women’s Aid and Migrant Help.

If you are considered to be a potential victim, you can get help and support, including accommodation if needed, for a minimum period of 45 days.

Reintegration support

We can give you information and advice to help you reintegrate into the UK or to return home.