Tackling modern slavery and trafficking is not something any organisation or agency can tackle in isolation. Law enforcement, governments, businesses, the media, the third sector and society at large have to be involved if we are to truly see an end to this hideous trade in our lifetime. The modern slavery helpline plays a vital role as it provides one central point to access, help advice and information. We need the public to be aware of the issues of modern slavery and the fact that this is an issue happening on the streets of the UK now. As a society in the 21st century we need to work together to end this scourge and ensure that everyone can live freely and without fear.

To that end, the MSHRC has two advisory bodies, the Advisory Forum and the Advisory Group.

Advisory Forum:

MSHRC Advisory Forum Terms of Reference

Note of the first MSHRC Advisory Forum Meeting

Note of the second MSHRC Advisory Forum Meeting

Note of the third MSHRC Advisory Forum Meeting

Advisory Group

MSHRC Advisory Group Terms of Reference

Notes of first MSHRC Advisory Group Meeting on 31 March 2017

Notes of Second MSHRC Advisory Group Meeting on 15 May 2017

Directory of Services

In order to increase and simplify finding much needed services, the Modern Slavery Helpline and Resource Centre hosts a Directory of Services. Organisations located within the UK that provide services directly or indirectly to modern slavery victims or address issues of modern slavery are warmly invited to apply.

For more information on joining the Modern Slavery Helpline and Resource Centre Referral Directory, please see the Directory Guidance document and Directory Application. Feel free to contact us with any questions.